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Little money, but you still fancy a classic car? No Problem – it’s the bargain of the sled. This time: the Opel Calibra as the successor to the legendary manta rays.



By Haiko Prengel

Sunday, 12.08.2018
At 07:07

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Cheap Classic Car

    You have the right mood for a vintage, trust but not to buy, because old cars in many media, only as a store of Value, will be explored? Fear not, you must not have successfully speculated on the stock exchange, to travel to beautiful sheet.

    Clearly, for grandpa’s discarded carts from Mercedes or BMW are now proud to be the sums due, and for the most of old Porsches today are moon prices paid. But between all the expensive jet men, as a rule, hardly to be moved, they are: the wallflower, the exotics, hardly anyone on the screen – and the correspondingly low cost. And not only in the acquisition but also in maintenance. Cars for which spare parts supply is no Problem, and for a exhaust not a whole month’s salary factored in.

We have brought together and set in a series at regular intervals.

Opel Calibra – The timeless classics


Opel Calibra

General information about the model: The Opel Calibra came on the market in 1989 and had a difficult heritage. Its predecessor, the Opel Manta was called. The Calibra should be Opel’s new sports coupe – the new competitor for VW, but also Honda CRX or Toyota Celica welcomed. Experts, however, agree that Manta and Calibra, in principle, had nothing in common except the flash on the grille.

Because the Calibra was based on the 1988 featured Vectra A, put the engineers on modern front-wheel drive and transverse mounted engines, while the Manta rear wheel drive and longitudinal engines.

Since its introduction to the market, the Calibra broke the first record: With a drag coefficient of sensational 0.26 cw was the rakish coupe “aerodynamics world champion,” he ducked cleverly and offered the Wind hardly attack surface. For this, passengers had to be back on the back seat of something together, as a 2+2-seater were the seats in the rear, just as the jump seats. What not to say, however, that the car is suitable for everyday use. The trunk is surprisingly large, and a split folding rear seat was a series, and at the request of the Calibra was to the spacious Mini-station wagon. “In the car, I’ve transported a washing machine,” says Bernd Müller, Calibra-experts from Tyrol mountain in the upper Palatinate.

In the case of the motors, Opel was from the beginning, not rags. The Entry-level engine, a two-liter, four-cylinder, with 116 HP, is only about 1.3 tons heavy car sufficiently to get afloat. Right swiftly it is with the 2.0 16V (C20XE) and 150 HP, which was also used in the Opel Kadett GSi 16V, and as one of the best four-valve engines of its time. 1992 Opel submitted then the 4×4 Turbo with 204 HP, and in 1993 a V6 cylinder engine with 170 HP. At the end speed the V6 and Turbo (More to come-PS from the all-wheel drive practically devoured) both at about 240 km/h. no Manta was not, at least without Tuning. The Calibra V6 came in 1993 for the first time in the German touring car championship (DTM), however, until the season finale. In 1994, the Ex-formula-1 sat-world champion Keke Rosberg at the wheel, and landed the same in the second


On-Board computer in the Opel Calibra

Race at the Hockenheim ring on the Podium.

Crank Windows, cloth seats, no Central locking, no Airbags In the base version of the Calibra for normal road operation are sparse, although the basic price was 25,000 Mark. For a surcharge, the sports coupé but with leather seats, electric Windows, air conditioning, and other comfort extras put on make-up. From 1992 onwards, Opel offered the first special editions, to push the smaller engines. The beginning of the Color Selection made with special coatings in solar yellow or Riojarot, paired with electric Windows and electric sunroof, Anthracite upholstery, and alloy wheels. Then a variety of further special editions followed, such as “Keke Rosberg”, “DTM Edition” or “Cliff Motorsport Edition”. The conclusion marked the end of production in the spring of 1997, the “Last Edition”, among other things, with Irmscher sports suspension, air conditioning and trip computer. At that time, a well-equipped Calibra V6 or Turbo cost loose the 60,000 Mark for the money, you also got a Mercedes S-class.

Why? Strictly speaking, the Calibra is still not a classic car – the first models will only be in the next year will be 30 years old and with a H-plates adorned be. A classic and eye-catcher, but he is undoubtedly now. “Wow, cool car”, and such comments, he hear almost every day at the gas station or the grocery store Parking lot, says Bernd Müller, who drives a black Calibra V6 DTM Edition, 1995.

The success model from Rüsselsheim comes from a time when it was still a faith question was, whether it was Opel or VW. 30 years ago there were die-hard Fans part of a hatred against the opposing brand, such as Müller recalls. The Manta was a lot of laughter, especially from VW-Golf-drivers. “But when the Calibra came out, changed around,” says Müller. “Because VW have said-people: Opel is shit. But the Calibra is cool.”

Maybe it’s the chic Design, which was already celebrated at the time of market introduction as timeless. In fact, it is not at the Calibra today the feeling to be in an old car on the road. Even if many of the Alt-Opel-Fans in the front wheel drive in the Calibra, a Grey: The racing success showed in the DTM, the sports coupe can’t be a snail. On the contrary: “The drive concept is super,” says expert Müller. “In the case of steeper slopes, I got some rear-wheel drive slipping see. My Calibra had never problems.” Only drifting, will be difficult with the Calibra. “The ass don’t just want to partout’.”

Availability: the major used cars portals, you can still find a lot of vehicles. Including some ruins and Blender. Many other Calibra were of young daredevils tuned and verbastelt. Well maintained car in original condition will be given by the owners, meanwhile, only rarely, with a little patience you can be but still find. After all, almost a quarter of a million copies of the interface have been made transparent sports coupe.

Spare parts supply: Here, pays off, the Calibra on the Vectra A is based, to today, the shelves are well filled with large-scale technology from the nineties. The affects, however, only the usual wear and tear. It becomes more problematic in the case of Calibra-specific body components, here it is Opel, mostly: no longer available. Also, various interior parts, trim, or the trim on A-, B – and C-pillar are new to get. For this, there is help in the forums and Clubs, the Calibra-fan base is engaged and active.

Photo gallery

Opel at a Glance:
Of the sewing machine to the Insignia

Prices for spare parts (example):

  • Set of front brake discs: approx. 120 euros
  • Timing belt change: parts 85 Euro, built-in, depending on the Motor between 150 and 350 Euro
  • Alternator: Bosch. 125 Euro
  • Fender: used approx. 40 Euro

Weaknesses: As with any older Opel provides rust and corrosion, the Calibra is the biggest Problem. Especially like the skirts are in bloom under the doors. The rear wheel arches sit frequently, including the A-pillar and bonnet can be affected. Corrosion on the rear closing panel can be seen when one inspects the trunk or under the rear bumper peeks out. Quite bad it is, when the longitudinal wegbröseln carrier to the spring shots of the rear axle. The repair is very time-consuming and expensive. Cars that were otherwise top, are moved due to corrosion at this point in the scrap press. Electronics and technology are considered as robust. Virtually all of the engines are in normal maintenance and interval, just changing the timing belt for several hundred thousand kilometers.

Price: starting From approximately 1,200 Euro there are ready-to-drive Opel Calibra, usually with a few months MOT. These cars, you should look at but right – of considerable repair and maintenance backlog is not unlikely. Cars are to be assigned with a traceable history and Repair honest, but also cost more money. Special models such as “Keke Rosberg” or “Cliff” cost because of the quality of the equipment and a lump sum of about 1,000 euros more. Very neat cars, especially the V6 and Turbo in combination with a special edition, can be £ 10,000.

Points of contact on the Internet:

Community of the Opel Calibras
Original spare parts and accessories

Opel Spare Parts
eBay shop for Calibra spare parts

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