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Two buddies buy it for 300 Euro, a Mercedes-wreck, three months later, the car has MOT and looks almost like new. In a book, the hobbyist will describe how simple and inexpensive the project was.


Haffmans & Tolkemitt / Arne Weychardt

By Jürgen Pander

Sunday, 30.09.2018
At 08:06

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Screwdriver-books are usually a bit intimidating. So much technology, so much knowledge, handles so-special hand – clearly, here, the expert is addressed to the insider tips and Tricks at the highest level and virtually zero entertainment value.

It is also different. Such as Arne Weychardt and Peter Pursche now. “Bring the wreck to Zack,” is her just-published book, which contains not only 28 repair manuals for Mercedes W124, but especially to yourself screw is the key to motivation, if you “can beat a nail into the wall and not be afraid of dirty fingers”.

One of 30 scrap cars in the stable

Had discovered Weychardt, 52, and Pursche, 68, of the wreck on Ebay. It was in the Mecklenburg Dargun in a former stable, the roof of which, years ago, was burned down, and in about 30 junk cars in front of gammelten.

One of them was the Mercedes 230 TE from the year 1987, in bemitleidenswertem state, but “after 13 years of use, the Free without a crack in the dashboard. And the engine is turned” how Weychardt reminds. The Business was quickly done, 300 Euro cost the Mercedes-ruins, then we went to the car trailer to Hamburg. “To Recycle”, as Weychardt says.

A car to slow down

Perhaps we should mention at this point that Weychardt, in the main professional photographer, and for four years in addition, the operator of the Hamburg-based car-sharing company “Rent to Oldie”, a soft spot for Mercedes series W124. A Traffic psychologist had him once, because Weychardt was mid 20’s and to get as literally roving Reporter on-the-go, this type of vehicle. Previously the photographer had a run-in with a Turbo-Golf 23 points in the traffic offenders register in Flensburg. He had to slow down his driving style so radically.

Photo gallery

Car book:
Mercedes recycled

The Affection, the Weychardt developed at that time to the rock-solid, reliable, comfortable and spacious Mercedes model, holds up today. The average fleet of ten cars in its car-sharing-with one exception, also W124er-Mercedes. With the years, is Weychardt a comprehensive expertise of this type of car – because he saves by itself screws a lot of money, and because it makes him happy.

In three months from the scrap heap to the value opinion

In order to put his favorite car, a monument, and, above all, to encourage it-yourself screws on end-of life vehicles, it starts about a year ago with his buddy Peter Pursche, a former journalist, the project “Bring the wreck to Zack”. In three months, the Duo transformed the scrap pile in a car, which was at once a TÜV sticker. It is allowed to retract, thanks to the green sticker in each environmental zone. One expert presented a valuation of over 4500 Euro for the car.

Invested 300 euros purchase price, about 1200 Euro in repair material and spare parts, as well as to quantify the amount of enthusiasm and will. “We are curb wrench,” says Weychardt. “Only three times we were in the workshop in the self-help, there’s Work to be done on the lower floor,” added Pursche. How and with what tricks you have brought the Mercedes back to the car in front, explain to you in 28 chapters, from around the seats until the Review of speedometers and other instruments, to renew, to Replace the windshield to Eliminate the idle fluctuations.

Two-the Euro-in part as a solution to the problem

“A classic,” says Weychardt. Mostly as a source of error, a faulty Relay or a Problem with the fuel injection system will be presumed. “Only a spring on the throttle linkage is missing in the rule. The costs two Euro and is installed in less than 30 minutes, you must break down only with the help of a 10 socket wrench to the air filter box.” So approximately you have to imagine the entire book is Full of tips and lively descriptions, plenty of photos of the Details in the Depths of the car.

One aspect of the author Pursche, who has written the text emphasizes: Namely, that this type of vehicle repair is the best way to practice conservation of resources and protection of the environment. Conclusion: “A car earlier than you need to scrap, is pretty rubbish.” Weychardt not mention it in this context, it is important that the car restored, but was recycled. Because after 13 years, the car cemetery, a Mercedes is actually dead.

Arne Weychardt, Peter Pursche, “Bring the wreck to Zack. 28 repair manuals for Mercedes W124”, 188 pages, 22,95 Euro. ISBN 978-3-942048-58-3

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